No fuss, no muss — sans a semicolon — at Washington Town Council meeting

Town planning commission chair Fred Catlin discussing the final draft of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

At Monday’s regular monthly meeting, the Washington Town Council whisked through its agenda in 20 minutes, passing all resolutions unanimously and with little discussion.

Council member Gary Aichele raised the only issue of the night, questioning the use of a comma instead of a semicolon on page six of the town’s Comprehensive Plan’s 39-page final draft:

“If you can read through 39 pages and come up with one thing to comment on, I think you did a damn fine job.”

The comment earned chuckle from the room. Town planning commission chair Fred Catlin retorted with: “What would you call it, a participial phrase?”

Due to summer holidays, the public hearing on the town planning commission’s comprehensive plan is scheduled for September. The town council also unanimously passed the fiscal 2018 budget with even less fuss.

An unedited video of the 7 p.m. session on Monday, June 12 can be found online at, or on the newspaper’s YouTube channel at

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