Courthouse Row for June 22

Home/land transfers

The following home and land transfers were recorded at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s office June 9-15:


Paula Annette St. Clair, Jeanne Christine McDonald, and Adam Paul St. Clair to Louis G. Zindell, IV and Julie Zindell, husband and wife, 21.7764 acres, $150,000, deed bargain sale, general warranty, tax map 23-31C

David E. Bowen and Jacqueline Louise Bowen, husband and wife, to Timothy Wayne Wissinger and Jennifer Hoffman Wissinger, husband and wife, 5.000 acres and 13.373 acres, $410,000, general warranty, Tax map 33-13A

Valerie Story, Paul Bernard, and Barry Hamilton, trustees of St. James Episcopal Church, to Atkins Construction Group LLC, 6.6960 acres. $105,000, deed bargain sale, tax map 33-83B


John Fetterman, successor trustee under the Jill Ann Fetterman amended and Restated Trust, to Brett J. Valentine and Virginia L. Valentine, husband and wife, 1.2755 acres, $290,000, deed bargain sale, special warranty, tax map 38-60


David Michael Lubitz and Charlotte Oldham-Moore to Norma Y. Pirie and Lori Wallace-LLoyd, 3.47 acres, $256,700, deed bargain sale, tax map 40-50A

Building Permits

The costs cited with the following permit applications are estimates:

David Weise, Sperryville, generator, $7,000

Joseph Long, Amissville, tear off and replace kitchen, $2,500

Joseph Long, Amissville, accessory building, $1,500

Joseph Long, Amissville, storage containers, $1,500

Greg Williams and Louise Eastham, Amissville, upgrade electric pole, $500