No ‘attack’ or ‘accusations’

I have been a resident of Rappahannock County all of my life and I have never seen the level of biasness by the Rappahannock News as I have seen in the last several months, especially with regard to the articles having to do with the county government.

Once again, you made it a point in last week’s paper to mention our treasurer along with the words ‘attack’ and ‘went so far as to accuse.’

I do not have a degree in journalism but I would hope that any reporter or newspaper worthy of having this honored position should state the facts, and all of the facts when putting something in writing for individuals to see. I have read the entire letter that was sent to the five board members, only after months of trying to work with the current administrator to record county purchases correctly and transparently.

Debra Knick is bound by the law to report any activity that does not appear to be in line with procurement practices. There was no attack of anyone. Also, there were no accusations. The letter was a statement of facts of events that have transpired. These facts can be proven in the recordings of the board of supervisors meetings that were held.

No other elected official has worked harder to bring a level of transparency to our county government than the current treasurer. Ms. Knick has worked tirelessly to implement a higher standard of basic accounting principles that all other government bodies have used for decades.

Debra Knick has worked with every office in the hopes of achieving sound accounting practices. Debra Knick was instrumental in bringing together last year’s first ever balanced budget and did so again this year, along with helping to get the new payroll software up and running which is a task that in the past has been handled by the county administrator’s office.

Debra Knick has the best interest of the taxpayers of our wonderful county, and I am very proud of the work she has done and continues to do.

Dawn Dodson

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