Down Memory Lane July 13

Aug. 28, 1986

Rappahannock County planning commissioners gave the nod to James Russell’s proposal for a flea market, recommending that the county’s board of zoning appeals grant a special use permit for the venture.

Russell noted that the site on Route 211 is across the street from Eric Kvarnes’s commercially zoned glass works. Other adjacent or adjoining land uses include a roadside stand, a motel and a restaurant, he said, adding that none of the property owners he contacted object to his proposal. He volunteered to limit the operation to 30 stalls to be put up only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in September and October. The stalls would be folding tables, not permanent structures, and would be taken down daily at the close of business, Russell assured the planning commissioners.

The field where he proposes to hold the flea market had been home to Sperryville softball teams for the past 26 years. But this year, the diamond has been used infrequently, he noted. “It has three entrances and ample parking. We’ve had 92 vehicles at one time on the grounds. At least 40 to 50 cars could be parked there without using the athletic field at all,” he said.

Formerly, Russell had a restaurant on the property. It burned down, and he was issued a permit to rebuild. He said he is in the process of doing that, and that the property already has bathroom facilities available. When construction is finished, he’ll be able to offer flea market customers sandwiches and drinks from his store, he said.

Country Manor gift shop in Sperryville was named as a finalist in the American Catalogue Awards, Jimmy Swindler announced last week. Swindler, whose family owns Country Manor, explained that the store tied with two other catalogues for the award in that category.

“The finalist award was really a three-way tie for first place,” he said.

This year was the first competition for the American Catalogue Awards, sponsored by Catalogue Age, the trade publication of the direct mail business. More than 350 catalogue companies competed for awards in 15 categories, Swindler said. Country Manor competed in the $30 average sale order category. The entries were judged on the basis of artwork, cover concept and design, word copy, merchandising concept, customer service policies, and mechanics (ease of reading).

Sept. 5, 1974

Raymond Harrison of Washington sustained burns over 80 percent of his body Monday night and was a patient in the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville. Circumstances of the gasoline fire which burned Harrison were curious, according to one report.

A calf had fallen into an old ice house on the Marvin and Gilbert property near Washington. Harrison, with Marvin Burke and Edward Hudson, went to the farm about 9 p.m. in the evening to rescue the animal. In the initial attempt to descend into the pit, a swarm of bees repelled the would-be rescuers. They obtained some gasoline and poured it on the bees to kill them, and once again Harrison went down the ladder followed by Burke.

Some unidentified spark ignited the gasoline, it was reported, and critically burned Harrison. Burke escaped injury, according to a neighbor’s account. The calf was singed, but largely unhurt, and was later pulled to safety.

The Food Stamp Unit of the Rappahannock County Welfare Department has moved into office space in the Rappahannock News Building. This section of the welfare department is composed of two workers, Rebecca Burke, who performs certification duties, and Dorothy J. Rector, who handles the insurance and reporting functions.

The Food Stamp Program is a Department of Agriculture program administered locally by welfare departments. The program has been established “to enable low income households to buy more food of greater variety to improve nutrition and health.”

Households which participate pay a sum of money and receive food stamps of a greater value. The difference in the amount of money which is paid for the stamps and the value of the stamps received is the additional food buying power provided by the Agriculture Department.