In need of a comprehensive plan

I too want to commend the paper for producing and publishing this article [“Tiny Rappahannock ranks near the top nationally — and it isn’t necessarily flattering,” July 6].

The [Rappahannock] County Planning Commission [PC] has yet to produce the state required comprehensive plan, years overdue. Their work to date has been to play with words without updating the data and performing the background analysis, such as found in this article and REQUIRED by state law. Numerous people have brought this to the attention of the PC and BoS [board of supervisors], but nothing. People have volunteered their time and resources to do this work, but nothing.

The PC and BoS often make decisions based on “feelings” not data or facts. The BoS went as far as to disestablish the finance committee, tasked with assessing the county’s financial future.

Why is it that this data on our children is so different from the assessments of our previous [schools] superintendent, school board, and the BoS? After all, this data is consistent with the school rankings on real estate sites.

Our county government has put the county in this situation by refusing to address the future until they are forced to by issues blowing up in their face. None of this is going to get fixed until people with leadership and management abilities are put into key positions. Leaders that are willing and able to capitalize on the ideas and experience of the citizens. We have an election coming up, perhaps it is time for a change.

Page Glennie

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