Trump a ‘troubled man’

Editor’s note: Below is a letter sent this week to both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, and to the editor of the Rappahannock News.

Dear Senator McConnell:

I am supposing that, at one time — perhaps when you first considered a career in politics — you held a genuine, deeply-felt concern for the greater good of your fellow Americans, and that you hoped to help steer our country in a direction that you felt would promote that goal.

If so, I urge you to reawaken that sentiment now and drop your support for the current healthcare bill at play in the Senate. It is a law which, if enacted, would rob more than 20 million Americans of healthcare coverage; some of them, as it turns out, are friends of mine. Passage of such a bill is an unworthy goal to work toward, and I continue to hope you will find the courage to distance yourself from such a goal.

In addition, and of even greater importance, I ask you to consider the fitness of Donald Trump as an appropriate standard bearer for the conservative ideals which you and many other American voters value, and move quickly to the unavoidable conclusion — that this man is neither fit nor qualified to be that standard-bearer; nor is he fit or qualified to be a world leader in his present capacity as president of the United States.

You, like the rest of the world, are witness to this daily. I urge you to immediately begin promoting impeachment proceedings against this troubled man. [I believe you would even be doing him a kindness; it looks to many as if each day for him is one of overwhelming distress and anxiety.] Proof of Mr. Trump’s ineptitude, especially as increasingly underlined in the open disdain with which other world leaders regard him, is abundant.

Should you take this singular course, your courageous action would grab headlines of every news media outlet in the world, and you would be remembered in history as a leader of integrity — one who, in the face of new, unexpected, but irrefutable data, did the right thing and publicly changed his mind — for the greater good of the country and of the world.

With tremulous hope for the future of this land,

Madlyn Bynum

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