Realities of Rappahannock

There is nothing inflammatory or biased about “decline” or “stagnant,” although I will certainly concede “whopping” [Letter to the editor, “Breathless in Rappahannock,” Ron Maxwell, July 13]. These are simply the realities with which we are living.

If you think it isn’t a problem to live in a county where almost everyone is over 65, you are deluding yourself. Who will run EMS? Who will serve in the low wage positions in the few businesses the county has? Who will take care of the elderly? Do you think people will drive here from Fauquier or Culpeper to do it when they live there and can work there?

Your doomsday scenario is exactly the reason no one ever attempts to address concerns such as this in the county — because everyone thinks there has to be massive change. In fact, small changes and intelligent, thoughtful planning can address these concerns.

Also, I will point out that there was additional data not shared in the article that shows the people who are leaving tend to be quite wealthy and homeowners are leaving at a higher rate than renters so how does that work with your bias?

Brandi Day
Flint Hill

Editor’s note: Ms. Day is a program developer at People, Inc., which compiled the statistical report on Rappahannock County

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