Farming the future of Rappahannock?

Lest anyone think I forgot our stalwart farmers in my letter addressing the People, Inc., article and “Breathless” letter recently: no, I did not. This is the sequel, the rest of the story, in my opinion.

There are many farming-encouragement examples here in our county. Part of Dr. [Werner] Krebser’s [Rappahannock conservation] legacy is a program of assistance to farmers enabling them to keep in existence.

The farm-to-table movement so visible elsewhere has been here for years. The Inn’s [Inn at Little Washington] locally sourced produce was a necessary part in its success from the beginning. Many fund raising events cherish the locally grown ingredients they serve.

I enjoy the Facebook postings of Sylvie’s [Rowand] Laughing Duck Gardens & Cookery, whose ideas inspire my attempts in the kitchen. Then there is the terrific Buy Local promotion, a reminder to use the tremendous amount of riches available, some almost outside our door . . . or down the road a bit.

Mike Sands is among a group who are introducing landowners to think of various ways they can open their land to young upcoming and eager farmers to establish crops [and] land use beneficial to small business startups like Waterpenny and Heritage Hollow.

These illustrate how our county can flourish in many opportunities and not let the place spiral downward as aging population, lack of population growth, and other ills described recently choke the life out of our beloved county, as do the strangling tendrils of the pervasive Virginia creeper vines in our plants.

Sheila Dwyer Gresinge

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