Thank you citizen scientists

The Old Rag Master Naturalist’s (ORMN’s) Butterfly Count Committee is delighted to recognize with great thanks the many people who made the three events around the annual Rappahannock County-Little Washington Butterfly Count a huge success these past weeks.

These people include the owners of 18 participating Rappahannock County properties, 23 kids at the Kids’ Count, 31 attendees at the Butterfly Identification Workshop, and 52 counters that braved a very hot and humid day at the official Butterfly Count, along with the many ORMN volunteers. These participants created a great sense of camaraderie and fun at all the activities.

A special thanks is due Shenandoah National Park Ranger Maura Meisel, Waterpenny Farm’s Rachel Bynum, the Rappahannock News’ John McCaslin and columnist Pam Owens, the Washington Fire Hall, Rappahannock County Park, and the ORMN Board for their assistance. Also, many thanks to Tom Engler, Jeff Smith, and Bill Williams.

Finally we must note with gratitude the participation of the over 40 (!) different species of butterflies that made an appearance!

Kathy Engler, Victoria Fortuna, Dee Dee Lyon, Jane Smith, Caroline Watts, Robin Williams
ORMN Butterfly Count Committee

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