Accepting Trump, but not his policies

I would like to set the record straight regarding Mr. Bob Klaus’ misstatements in his letter to the editor dated July 20. Mr. Klaus criticized me for supporting a president who abused his office by over use of executive order. However, the facts do not support Bob’s contention.

On a yearly average President Obama has used fewer executive orders than the 18 presidents who preceded him and the one who has succeeded him. This goes back to President Teddy Roosevelt, a span of 110 years. Bob, even President Reagan issued more executive orders than President Obama. Both served eight years.

Now we come to our present president. With the control of the House and Senate by his party, he has not passed a major piece of legislation. Our present president in six months has issued 42 executive orders. He is on pace to issue more orders in three and a half years than either Reagan or Obama issued in their eight.

Who is the imperial president, Reagan, Obama or Trump? As the old adage goes, If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. Some will say that President Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises; the same can be said for presidents Reagan and Obama.

I would urge people to read Trump’s executive orders and not be conned by the rhetoric that proceeds them. Despite the rhetoric, American pipelines will be built with foreign pipe, the U.S. government will not be able to negotiate drug prices, neither Mexico nor Congress will pay for a wall, there will be no reduction in funds to certain cities and the list keeps growing.

Mr. Klaus tries to use the Declaration Of Independence to justify his unwillingness to help pay for the Affordable Care Act and the expansion of Medicare. Bob argues that the Declaration states that the Creator has given him the right to pursue happiness and forcing him to help pay for the ACA makes him unhappy and therefore he as a taxpayer does not have to pay. That’s quite a stretch.

The Declaration makes no laws. It leaves it to the people to establish a new government and create new laws. The Constitution, the law of the land, written by men makes no mention of God or the Creator. The Constitution provides for the taking of property with due process. The ACA met this criteria when the Supreme Court declared it constitutional. Chief Justice Roberts, hardly a liberal, cast the majority vote. The XVI amendment provides for your income to be taxed and Article 1 allows Congress to decide how to spend your tax dollars.

Bob, legally, your Creator argument hasn’t a leg to stand on.

Bob be careful, you may want more religion in government but what you may get is more government in religion.

Mr. Klaus feels I have no standing to comment on the performance of our present president. He calls my comments “complaints.” I call them observations. I stand 100 percent behind my comments in the July 13th letter to the editor. All that I wrote can be documented and are the truths.

Bob, you have no argument against the truth and that’s why you choose to remain silent.

In the second half of his letter Mr. Klaus assails Mrs. Bynum for not reading the Constitution. He points out that impeachment is initiated in the House and not the Senate. Mrs. Bynum never asked Senator McConnell to initiate impeachment, she asked him to promote it. Mr. Klaus questions the number of people the GAO says will lose their health care if the ACA is repealed. He says it is 14 million. The GAO just released its report estimating 22 million more people will lose their health care bringing the total to 30 million. Oh well, a couple of million here and a couple of million there and soon we will talking about real people.

When Mrs. Bynum points out the president’s unfitness for office, Mr. Klaus suggest that he is a very successful businessman. The businessman has bankrupt four times, has stiffed his vendors and only he and his accountant know how many foreign interests he owes money. The president has no experience to run a government and runs the government like he is the sole proprietor. The president thinks the attorney general is his personal lawyer whose job it is to defend the president and not the Constitution. Mr. Klaus feels that the president showed no deference to the Saudi king.

The president did worse, he got in bed with the king. The Saudi government is the biggest backer of terror in the world. It is the largest monetary supporter of ISIS. The Saudi government exports Sharia law and the extreme form of Sunni-Wahhabi religion.

Mr. Klaus concludes with his “Get Over It” speech. I accept President Trump as our president. I cannot accept his policies. To tell me and others to “Get Over It” and be quiet is exactly what this president wants. No questions, do what I say, be loyal. I am loyal. I am the loyal opposition.

Henry R (Hank) Gorfein

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