School board: all Rapp students to safely view once-in-lifetime eclipse

With a distinct lack of ceremony at Tuesday’s (Aug. 8) regular meeting of the Rappahannock County School Board, newly appointed Superintendent Shannon Grimsley got straight to business with a Report of the Superintendent that spanned most of the board’s 70-minute meeting.

The five-part report consisted mainly of presentations, including a comprehensive update on the school division’s revised Code of Conduct by Assistant Superintendent Carol Johnson. Introducing new language such as “cyberbullying” and “bomb threats” to the document that originated in the ’90s, the document’s major purposes, Johnson said, included staying “consistent and equitable” and “looking at the child as a whole person.”

The rest of the superintendent’s report included an update on the smoking policy; the back-to-school kick-off (students return to classes today, Aug. 10); the division’s School Resource Officer agreement with the Sheriff’s Office; and the Virginia School Board Association’s Food for Thought award. Unedited video of the meeting can on can be found online at (or on the newspaper’s YouTube channel at

A generous donation from the Headwaters Foundation will equip each student and faculty from the elementary and high school with special NASA solar glasses, enabling them to safely view the solar eclipse that passes through Virginia at 2 p.m. Aug. 21. Board member Larry Grove told the board that Rappahannock resident and acclaimed meteorologist Bob Ryan is traveling all the way to Idaho for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of a total solar eclipse.

A total solar eclipse was visible from the Northern tip of Australia on Nov. 13, 2012 at 3:35 EST. The light halo visible around the edges of the moon is the sun’s atmosphere, the corona. Image courtesy of Romeo Durscher

NASA and other experts agree: please take proper safety measures when viewing the eclipse. For more information visit

An unedited video of the Tuesday, August 8 session can be found online at, or on the newspaper’s YouTube channel at Documents from the meetings are available at

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