Rare traffic holdups

Tom Golliday of VDOT Photo by John McCaslin

Any motorist in Rappahannock County knows our highways and byways are being paved and repaved in earnest as we speak. While steering in single file past all the road construction you might have noticed Tom Golliday of Augusta, W.V., seen here on his asphalt sweeper near Woodville. Golliday arguably has the dirtiest job of the entire highway crew, and by the end of the day (this photo was taken in the morning) he more resembles a coal miner.

“This year, VDOT will pave nearly 10 miles along Route 211, mostly in the westbound direction, and 6 miles along Route 522,” VDOT Communications Manager Stacy Londrey tells the Rappahannock News. “Superior Paving Corporation of Gainesville has been contracted to do a total of 43 miles of asphalt repaving in Culpeper, Fauquier and Rappahannock counties. The contract requires all work to be complete by December 2, but the portions currently underway in Rappahannock will be completed much sooner.”

Route 211 paving in Rappahannock is nearly complete, we’re happy to report, with pavement markings being replaced by the end of this week. Estimated state taxpayer cost of Route 211 work: $1.97 million.

Route 522 paving in Rappahannock will be complete next week (weather permitting), and pavement markings painted soon thereafter. Route 522 cost: about $917,000.

There’s a new interactive paving map, www.virginiadot.org/projects/paving-schedule.asp, which can be navigated to “Rappahannock” to see routes that will be paved and their status — completed, in progress, scheduled, etc. The map also provides contact information for VDOT’s paving project manager, in case residents have questions or concerns about the work.

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