Celebrating the South, minus four wrongful years

So, many (most) of us agree that slavery is bad. In support of my opinion stated two weeks ago [“Don’t fall for that lie,” Aug. 24] I submit that the history and the culture of the South is much longer and deeper than the four years between 1861 and 1865, and the longer historical record is what we should celebrate.

The “General Lee” By Steve Lagreca/bigstockphoto

This writer will not make any profit from the display of a Confederate battle flag on the roof of an orange car with doors welded shut. This writer thinks we should see the four years of battle between the citizens of this country as a mistake in judgment that cost many thousands of lives on both sides in a wrongful cause, and we should celebrate the other several hundred years of southern culture, which continues to this day, and let that very short portion of our history remain in our history books as a lesson for the future.

Frank Reynolds

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