Wildly successful ‘mess’

The Rappahannock County Democratic Committee (RCDC) wants to thank the community for our wildly successful yard sale.

Many, many volunteers worked long hours to assemble and present the numerous donations to the public. Darien Reese, Ralph Bates and Gwen Bates managed the mess; Jan Makela and Ron Makela put together donations with transportation; John Burns tirelessly retrieved furniture; Marian Bragg, Pam Owen, Judy DeSarno, Nancy Studds, Barbara Dennis, Lindsay Sonnet, Eve Brooks, Fred Schaeffer, Donna Kevis, Greg Ludlow, Bruce and Joy Sloane, Ray Boc, Kay Beatty, Hank Gorfein, Jeanne Kauffman, Sharon Kirkpatrick, Patrick Alther, Larry Heppinstall and Hi Soo Heppinstall and daughter and son-in-law, Thomas Pellikaan, Brooke Parkhurst, Andy Platt, Melissa Schooler, Jana Froeling, and a host of others contributed their enormous talents and willing spirits to our annual extravaganza.

My thanks to all who helped and all who attended.

Ross O’Donoghue
Chair, RCDC

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