Bike Trail: Happiness or sorrow?

I am not against expanding recreational opportunities in the county, but I do have misgivings about the new bike trail. While the sources for funding its construction sound like they’re pretty well locked down, I have not heard a word about how and by whom the trail will be maintained. I am convinced that maintenance will be required sooner or later. Yes asphalt does crumble.

Also, what about responsibility for potential lawsuits when accidents occur on the trail that may come sooner than anyone expects? Will the county get dragged into a suit for accidents when a dog gets tangled up with bike rider or a jogger? This whole situation sounds like Yogi Berra’s famous statement “This looks like déjà vu all over again.”

Some of us remember the almost ironclad assurances that the football field lights were tightly secured by oh so many reliable sponsors. Yeah, right! The county wound up paying off that loan for over a quarter million dollars if I recall correctly. Hence my concern that our Board of Supervisors be less eager to support this trail proposal without exploring the potential legal and financial ramifications.

Bill Freitag
Flint Hill

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