Phantom driver of Whorton Hollow

I’d like to thank the reckless driver in the white pickup who, on Wednesday, Sept. 13, at 11:30 a.m,. going way over the speed limit coming over a hill in the middle of a narrow gravel section of Whorton Hollow Road, did NOT hit me head on. You did force me to swerve into a ditch that is about a foot deep, 25 feet long and filled with sharp rocks. VDOT and the county — time to finally address this stretch of road where runoff routinely exposes ditches and there is no other place to land except in them. Abandoned hubcaps, evidence of other vehicular mishaps lay among the rocks as testament to how dangerous this spot is.

Oh, and thanks also to this person for NOT stopping to see if I was okay, which I am, but my car suffered $11,000 worth of damage (flat tire, bent wheel, damage to the undercarriage and steering). And I, like most of the rest of us who live out here and use these back roads safely and wisely, was going at a reasonable speed.

I’ve been asked if I remembered what you looked like. Well, don’t worry, in the split-second I did see you crest the hill coming straight at me below, before I jerked the steering wheel to the right, I saw your white truck and the top of your head (wearing a baseball cap of some sort). You must have been looking down at something more important, like your GPS or iPhone than at the road on which you were about to hit me because I didn’t see your face. Good job.

Patricia Underwood

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