Rappahannock not welcoming

Sorry to hear this about the Visitor Center [“Visitors Center head abruptly submits resignation; Tourist office space cut by ‘more than half’,” Sept 21].

I love Rappahannock Co. — and it’s the birthplace of both my parents, but you are not very friendly to those of us who don’t live there. It’s very difficult to find a good, reasonable priced restaurant for [a] meal or some place to grab a burger. Not everyone enjoys or can afford gourmet food at exorbitant prices. And Lord help you if you need to use a restroom.

Linda Carol

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  1. Its the country not the city and people are very nice there. I guess they should just post porta-pottys in select locations to accommodate you city folks who come and visit becouse its so desolate but hen complain its not like busy places your from. Linda if you want those amenities stay in the city.

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