Help stop the madness with a vote for Tristan Shields

One of the lesser, but no less important, races that will be on the ballot Nov. 7 will be the contest for Virginia House of Delegates for the 18th District. Rappahannock voters should consider voting for Democrat Tristan Shields for no other reason than it will help keep the madness that has infected our nation’s capital, specifically the White House, from spreading down to Richmond, and from there, contaminating the rest of Virginia.

The takeover of the Republican Party by Donald Trump has unleashed a destructive ugliness in our politics not seen in our lifetimes, one that seeks to lay waste to our system of health care; take the vote away from millions of taxpaying citizens; disrespect the bravery of soldiers who have proven themselves on the field of battle; extended the reach of politicians into the bathroom and the bedroom, and poured gasoline on the fires of racial and cultural division for cheap political gain. Truly, Trump and his new Republican Party troubleth their own house.

It would be nice if our incumbent delegate, Republican Michael Webert, could be counted on the stand against the worst elements in his party, but I doubt Mr. Webert is a John McCain, willing to put his country before his party. So the best thing is to vote for Tristan Shields from nearby Rixeyville in Culpeper County. Tristan is a young man committed to representing all the citizens of his district. In Richmond, Tristan will work to end unfunded state-imposed mandates on counties like Rappahannock that drive up our already too high property taxes. He also supports a two-year zero-tax on startup businesses to help create jobs and to expand Medicaid using taxpayer money the Republican controlled General Assembly has refused to accept.

On Nov. 7, vote for someone who will get things done; vote for Tristan Shields for House of Delegates.

Fred Schaefer

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  1. Thank you for telling people about Tristan! He will represent all the people in District 18 in Richmond.

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