The Land of What Ifs?

Are we living in the Land of What Ifs? There are different ways to deal with this.

A “what if” mindset can lead to total inaction with this line of questioning solely addressing negative outcomes, leading to possible stagnation instead of action to address a specific idea. Positive “what ifs” can mull over both negative and positive outcomes on that same specific idea, leading me to address the trail being suggested and hopefully on its way to fruition.

One of my favorite Facebook sites is the Child Care & Learning Center’s, displaying pictures of little students merrily investigating the wonders of the outdoors and nature’s delights. With so many of today’s youth hunkered down inside with their tech devices, the new opportunity we here in Rappahannock County have with the RappTrails proposal is, in my opinion, a welcome addition and outdoor opportunity for many. Many of our lovely winding country roads have some occasional dangerous drivers, unexpectedly so, making them unsafe for recreational bike riders.

The new RappTrail can present a safe place for parents with small children, the paving can give a new recreational activity for those wheelchair bound who might enjoy our outdoors yet can’t really use existing trails very well. There are nature lovers who have mentioned plantings along this trail which could enhance it and lend an additional learning experience. Look at the way the new golf course in Sperryville used an open meadow concept in its overall development.

No change here is really not an option and would lead to stagnation and a downward spiral practically to relative extinction. Many people here years ago recognized this and have been proactive in planning positive and productive growth that needs to continue. There are huge conservation easements protecting our vast landscapes that tourists love on their escapes from city life.

Promotion of our agricultural activities, our many and varied tourism allures has helped. Encouraging small businesses, growth in and around our villages is another needed part in our continued ability to keep our county on a good path. Yes, change can and will come. It already has. Our response will determine which in the medley of “what ifs” will prevail.

Sheila Gresinger

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