Get real, people

The conflict of interest lawsuit against Supervisor John Lesinski is a distressing example of litigation run amok. At best, it is a big stretch to assert that Mr. Lesinski’s support for a cell tower and a multi-use trail in the county is driven by the possibility he might earn however slightly increased a commission on the sale of the Blue Rock Inn because these projects might enhance the value of this property. Could it be that Mr. Lesinski, along with so many others, supports them out of a belief that they would be good for the county?

The suit’s other claims strike me as equally strained. Together, they take the term frivolous to new depths of absurdity. But to pursue the suit’s proposed remedies, a special prosecutor and Mr. Lesinski’s removal from office, would turn the county’s judicial process into a travesty. Come on people, get real.

How can we expect to draw good leadership into county government in the future if we subject our current leaders to this brand of abusive litigation? Not to mention potentially significant costs that the case could impose on the county and its taxpayers.

The lawsuit’s principal claims would be a major stretch even if Mr. Lesinski were the owner of the Blue Rock property. Those initiating this litigation need not look far to find clear examples of egregious conflicts of interest at the highest levels of government that might aid them in understanding what justifies cranking up costly judicial machinery and what does not.

Lowell Dodge
Slate Mills

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