Grudge suit, pure and simple

I am so mesmerized by the landscape here . . . we must be Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil.

Are you kidding me with this lawsuit (“Suit accuses supervisor of conflict of interest,” Oct. 5) that citizens, i.e., us the taxpayers will have to pay for?

Schools need funding. Washington needs to pay for that sewer treatment plant that helps the Inn [at Little Washington] provide enormous tax revenue to this county. Our community services need funding. This is a frivolous suit. Rappahannock County is a small community — every resident knows John Lesinski is a real estate broker. The Blue Rock is a prominent property here in the county, on a highly traveled road with good accessibility. The real estate signs are seen by all the drivers that pass by — his lack of a formal disclosure seems like an odd attempt to put a “come-here” in his place.

To have a walking/biking trail that runs from the high school south provides the county with an improved Walkability Score — something that most real estate websites show when looking at community advantages and comparable properties because it shows the health of the outdoor community. This trail is good for the families, kids and tourists.

This is a grudge suit, pure and simple. Reads like a textbook harassment suit. Rappahannock is a small community and somehow it constantly manages to detract from the outstanding, world-class beauty of its landscape by the inhospitable character of its people.

As a taxpayer here, I do not support using funds for a nuisance suit that will have to be defended just like the last suit by [private Washington lawyer David] Konick. I do support using my taxes for schools (so that we do not need the revenue for a cell tower), the trails and other community improvements.

While my family tree here dates back to 1631 (John Payne) and a great-grandfather seven times removed who was Reverend John Woodville of the Little Fork Church in Rixeyville, I wonder how any community survives the in-fighting that we have. No wonder we have a declining population growth. Long-term, this will not be good.

Memphis Holland

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  1. I first moved to Rappahannock in 1975 – and enjoyed the bucolic charm of the area. Today, if all I had to judge the county by was the divisiveness reported in the Rappahannock News, I’d go out of my way to avoid it.

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