Perplexed in Sperryville

I am perplexed at VDOT’s reasoning or purpose in ravaging with its mowing the area they “own” between 211 and Indigo Lane right of way (and, I wager other similar tracts along that corridor).

I was thrilled last spring when that area was left untouched so that a year’s growth took place and, this fall, was filled with a beautiful array of autumnal color. There were swaths of goldenrod, thistle, milkweed and other wild flowers, even small trees. Over the summer, red-winged blackbirds and other nesting birds inhabited the area.

Yes, if left unmowed it will become, over time, wooded. But what’s wrong with that? The three or four yards of mowing roadside VDOT performs periodically assures there isn’t any problem with visibility as one turns into or from 211. It’s heartbreaking to see this destruction of a roadside landscape when it doesn’t seem necessary or crucial to anyone’s safety. What a shame!

Suzanne Schiffman

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