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Well, the cat is out of the bag now and it ain’t pretty: Donald Trump is attempting to gut the Affordable Care Act by cutting off the subsidies to insurance companies that provide health care to millions of Virginians. The inevitable result will be loss of coverage for many and a marked increase in cost to those who rely on the exchanges.

Already 400,000 fellow citizens, primarily in rural areas, fall into the coverage gap between Medicaid and the ACA due to their income level. In this chaotic, Trump-created mess, lots more people will not be able to get health care.

There is one step Virginia could take to help out those who do not qualify for ACA subsidies: vote in a Democratic House of Delegates on November 7.

Michael Webert, our current Republican delegate for the 18th District, has steadfastly refused to extend Medicaid to those Virginians who fall into the income gap because he fears that they may misuse the money they won’t have to spend on health insurance premiums.

Governor McAuliffe has included Medicaid Expansion in his budget for next year. Democrat Ralph Northam, who’s running to take his place in November, will continue those efforts. The Republican House of Delegates will not do the right thing, but a Democratic House will.

On November 7, vote for Tristan Shields for Delegate from the 18th District. He will support women’s rights, access to community college and expansion of Medicaid to those who cannot access coverage.

Kit Goldfarb, Ann Crittenden, Mary-Sherman Willis, Jed Duvall
Rappahannock County

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