Vote for Webert

When you go to the polls on November 7th, the choice is easy — vote for Michael Webert for Delegate.

Mike has been an excellent representative for the people of Rappahannock County over the past six years. As a farmer, Mike is the only candidate in this race that knows the challenges that we face in this agricultural area of the state.

While I could highlight many major legislative victories Mike has won in Richmond, one I am most proud of is his fight to secure an extra $75,000 in funding for the Rappahannock County Public School system. If given the chance to represent us for another term, Mike will continue to fight for our sleepy county each and every day in Richmond.

Mike has fought for farmers, small businesses, and to conserve the beauty of the 18th District. He’s not just fighting for Virginia, he’s fighting for us.

I hope you will join me on Election Day, November 7th, in voting for Michael Webert.

Alex Foster
Flint Hill

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  1. If you want to research the details about what legislation Delegate Webert has sponsored, you can do it online at Virginia’s Legislative Information System ( For me, however, it’s not about how many bills he has authored or sponsored; it is about knowing that, when the time comes to cast a vote, the person there representing me actually represents me. As a local farmer, small businessman, and parent, Delegate Webert naturally understands the obstacles many of us face. On top of that, he works harder than anyone else I know to make sure he understands what is happening in his district and how he can be of service. That is the kind of delegate I want, someone I can trust, someone I can call on for help when needed, but someone I don’t have to worry about every time a vote comes up because I know his values reflect my own.

  2. Please do explain, this is not at all informative. As far as I can tell he hasn’t done much in the way of putting forth legislation. Also according to every school division was offered $75,000 if they lost population over the last 10 years. So this seems like misinformation not information.

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