Why this traditional Republican is going Independent

Growing up in a Republican home I naturally vote this way. Now married, with teenagers and a social media/marketing business, Republican still, I find myself in the middle often and now looking at what might be a happy medium — Will King, candidate for the Virginia HD-18, an Independent voice. I have my own life experiences bringing me to this decision, as well as educating myself and not just voting Republican because it’s the thing to do. I’ve seen a lot of division, including the blame game and hate, and it’s a bit tiresome.

Although this may be Republican country there is an awareness of upset on both sides. We are tired of the tit for tat, and the toddler behaving parties. Please take a look at a new face. At the local level I see a more advantage in voting for the third party candidate, and Will King can bring both sides together without pitting one against another. With 25 years of military and law enforcement experience, he has the experience we need. I like his take on supporting the small business owner, and reforming SOL [Standards of Learning] in schools. His plan for the introduction of industrial hemp production can help small farms. Look at his environmental plan and so on.

Have I turned against my Republican roots? No, I have found a happy medium with the Independent candidate. If you really want to make a change, it does start at the local level.

Stephanie Kennedy

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