Courthouse Row for Oct. 26

Home/land transfers

The following home and land transfers were recorded at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s office Oct. 11-20:

Rappahannock County

Michelle Lea Batts, successor trustee under the Vernon L. O’Meara trust to Steven L. Mennella and Patricia S. McDonnell, husband and wife, parcel of land, $270,000, deed bargain sale, tax map 32-2-4A


Martha F. Cannon to Robert J. Lander and Martha Fulbright Cannon, also known as Martha Cannon Lander, 3 tracts, deed of gift, general warranty, tax map 51-32


Glenn Allen Williams, Cynthia W. Derflinger, also known as Cynthia Louise Williams, Janet Dianne Williams Ricker, Ashley Clark, formerly known as Ashley Nicole Williams, Kimberly Dawn Williams, heirs and devisees of Ethel Elizabeth Williams to Kevin A. Ricker and J. Dianne Ricker, husband and wife, 0.5823 acres, $68,234.00, deed bargain sale, special warranty, tax map 1-69

Doris Jean Wines, sole surviving trustee of the Albert Samuel Wines, to Martina Denise Queen and Marie Yvette Layton, 15.0949 acres, $350,000, general warranty, tax map 1-52

Building Permits

The costs cited with the following permit applications are estimates:

Randall Burleson, Flint Hill, generator, $15,000

Greg Patton, Amissville, replace gas furnace, $7,334

William Lloyd, Amissville, renewal, no cost

Shiloh Baptist Church, Woodville, replace HVAC, $5,930

Daren and Lara Black, Boston, dwelling, $525,000

Kitty Damer, Huntly, addition, $48,400