‘A vote for me . . . ’

My dad says, “The best way to solve a problem is to insert yourself as the solution.” After 2016 I knew that I must run for office. Not knowing how, or with whom, even as a political novice I knew it had to be third party. For me, the freedom to run my campaign my way, based on the people’s needs, free of party agendas and corporate influence, was key.

The 18th House District is infected by partisan politics and electing representatives from the two party system creates divisions. Preferring to be a unifier, I knew someone always feels left out and I wanted no part. I discovered that Republicans don’t vote Democrat and vice versa. However, they will vote independent if a legitimate candidate of the people is on the ballot.

A vote for me ensures one thing: people before party. Regardless of either party’s’ promises, Virginia is best served by no longer supporting partisan politics that is based on money. For example, a quick look at vpap.org will show Dominion’s role. Here is a perfect example of the two parties being supported by corporate greed, while leading you to believe they care about people & property rights. How is that possible when members of both parties received over $1 million dollars since 2016?

Politics is local. Together let’s focus on our community first, always focusing on what’s best for our families. For this reason I ask for your vote on November 7.

Will King

Editor’s note: Will King is a Green Party candidate for Virginia’s 18th House District.

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