‘Farmer’ delegate understands county

Rappahannock County is a unique place. It’s one where people from all over travel or move to see the largely unaltered landscape and beauty of the area. While the counties around us have developed and grown into the suburban outskirts of NOVA, Rappahannock has not. Good governance on the local and state level is one of the essential reasons why Rappahannock has not.

Since Delegate Michael Webert was first elected, I’ve had the opportunity to personally get to know him because he takes every chance he has to engage with the students or members of our community. He understands that Rappahannock is and always has been an agrarian community at its very core. He is a farmer just like so many of us in the communities he represents.

That’s why he backs programs like the Land Preservation Tax Credits for preserving and conserving land for perpetuity. He understands the challenges that we go through on a daily basis inside the district and then he heads down to Richmond to fight on our behalf. That is exactly why I am taking the time to write this on behalf of him. On Tuesday, November 7th, please vote for the only candidate that truly understands what it takes to represent Rappahannock County.

Hodge Miller

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