Question: Medical doctor or ‘big gator’

One thing every Rappahannock voter should consider as they ponder who to cast their ballot for on Election Day is the issue of health care, and more to the point, access to it. Since President Trump has decided to deliberately sabotage the ACA, an act that will result in millions of Americans — a fair share of them Virginians — losing their medical insurance; with Congress unable and unwilling to correct this horrendous situation, it will fall to the individual states to pick up the slack. And who do you want fighting this battle on your behalf in Richmond?

I think the answer is an easy one — Ralph Northam; first and foremost, because he is a practicing MD, one who has spent many years treating children. More than that, Ralph Northam, a graduate of VMI, served eight years in the United States Army, part of that time in Germany, where he helped save the lives of soldiers wounded in the Gulf War before coming home to be elected to the State Senate, and then to the office of Lt. Governor. Ralph Northam has served on the front lines in the daily battle against illness and pain, treating the most vulnerable of patients. That is the experience he will take to the Governor’s office in Richmond, where he will fight on your behalf against those in Washington who would trash our health care system just to make a point.

On the other hand, his opponent, Ed Gillespie, is a lawyer with many years of revolving door service in Washington; between stints in the George W. Bush White House, he made millions lobbying for insurance companies, specifically, Anthem, one the largest providers of medical insurance in Virginia. If elected Governor, where do you think Ed Gillespie’s sympathies will lie?

That in short, is the choice on November 7th, one between a medical doctor who has eased the suffering of patients, or a big gator in that swamp Donald Trump claims he is going to drain. Vote for Ralph Northam for Governor; Justin Fairfax for Lt. Governor; Mark Herring for Attorney General, and Tristan Shields for Delegate. It’s the right thing to do.

Fred Schaefer

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  1. The “pro-life GOP” & their “leader” are anything but & the policies they promote will cause the deaths of thousands of American seniors, children, honorable veterans, thousands of struggling, taxpaying American citizens in general. A majority of politicians these days are beholding to American Corporate & wealthy Foreign special interests only, not “public servants” for the average citizen. How many 10’s of times did this president PROMISE not to touch Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid & not hurt citizens during his campaign ? The lies, greed & ethical violations of this GOP administration must end & the people have the power to do it beginning on the local & state level….VOTE INTELLIGENTLY

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