‘So far above and beyond’

If you haven’t noticed a small white building on the north side of Highway 211 between Little Washington and Sperryville, you might want to take another look. A couple of years ago, Dr. Brooke Miller MD, and his wife, Anne, a nurse practitioner opened a family wellness clinic.

My husband, Hugh, decided to take advantage of a local healthcare provider, a decision he has been happy with.

Segue to the first of October, I was hiking through the villages and countryside of Austria and the Czech Republic with three girlfriends, a trip planned since the first of the year and all of us were looking forward to our excellent adventure.

Hugh was left in charge of “the family” — Daisy, Sissy and Bubba. He seemed in good health when I left. But, he began having trouble breathing and called the clinic and they took him in immediately. Dr. Miller’s diagnosis — “this is serious, I’m calling an ambulance and you are going to an ER immediately.”

Hugh objected, mentioning the complication of our dog, two cats and my being out of the country. Brooke’s response, “Anne and I will take your car to your house, pick up the pets and take them to your kennel.”

Seriously, this is so far above and beyond!

If that wasn’t enough to impress you, Brooke then visited Hugh in the Winchester Hospital where Hugh was treated for extensive pulmonary embolisms.

Hugh, while in the ICU for 4 days, hid this bit of information through omission, texting how all was good!

I can’t say a big enough thanks to Brooke and Anne, because of them all was good when I got home!

Nedra Smith

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