Sperryville column for Oct. 26

Just the introduction to Daniel Keyser and Rappahannock County

Daniel Keyser at Skyline Trout Farm. Photo by Chris Green

Interviewing Daniel Keyser of Old Hollow this past weekend, in preparation for an upcoming series revealing the colorful last 80 or so years of Rappahannock history through his eyes, filled up pages and pages of note pads.

This wonderful man shares vivid details of county people, places and stories, of rich lives lived, of yore and lore, lurid loves, murders, secrets still held, some gone to the grave, celebrating the lives of inhabitants and strong family ties.

We’ve taken a second day tour of the county now, hours spent traversing the hills and hollows of Rappahannock, filled with frequent side road stops, while he related with great humor, twinges of sadness and reverence the history of places and the people who once lived here and still do.

This past weekend’s interview coincided with the 61st Annual House Tour of Trinity Episcopal Church, the streets and roads teeming with folks, locals and visitors alike, the warm October sun and promise of colorful mountain foliage bringing thousands through Sperryville en route to Skyline Drive.

Route 211 was filled with bumper to bumper traffic — local restaurants and stores, venues such as Skyline Trout Farm and Thornton River Grille, overflowing with patrons. And nary a second went by without a stop here or there to greet old friends and chat, making new friends as well.

Kaye Johnson and Daniel Keyser, neighbors in Old Hollow chat. Photos by Chris Green

He is a warm and engaging man, intelligent, accomplished and knowledgeable of all that is and was Rappahannock. I so look forward to putting pen to paper and in the coming weeks, sharing his love of Rappahannock and it’s extraordinary history with all of you.

Chris Green
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