Video: Biz Rapp – Rappahannock News Board of Supervisors Candidate Forum at the Theatre at Washington, 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 30

Luke Christopher
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  1. Congratulations to BizRapp and to RappNews for their fine job of presenting
    a very informative candidate’s discussion. I must say, with all due respect, that
    the incumbents appeared to be in need of life-support. Their presentations were
    desultory, stumbling, and cliche-ridden. They are truly fine fellows, but the
    BOS needs renewed energy and vitality. The challengers both appeared better
    informed, sharper, and far more energetic. We should thank the incumbents for their
    service, give them gold watches, and see if Ms. Smith and Mr. Konick can help create a pro-active
    BOS and get some needed things done, rather than the current reactive BOS that has kicked
    many a can down the road. We desperately need new energy here and now.

    Ben Jones

      • Yes, indeed! I’ve done a lot of those “debates/candidate forums” in a previous
        life, and I was impressed about how civilized everything was. In a lot of places,
        political campaigning is becoming something of a “contact sport”. The comity
        displayed at this event was a welcome relief during this time of national divisiveness
        and anger.
        Let me be the first to request that Theresa and you do it again in two years.

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