Watch it live: Board of Supervisors Candidates Forum

Businesses of Rappahannock and the Rappahannock News are co-sponsoring a Candidates Forum with supervisor candidates on tonight at 7 p.m., at the Little Washington Theatre. 

WATCH IT LIVE via the Rappahannock News Facebook page:

Seating at the theatre will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. The theatre will open at 6:30 p.m.

All four Board of Supervisors candidates have agreed to participate in the forum. For this week’s newspaper, editor John McCaslin profiled the candidates and where they stand on county issues. Find links to these stories here:

Stonewall-Hawthorne District

Incumbent: Chris Parrish

Challenger (write-in): David Konick

Piedmont District

Incumbent: Mike Biniek

Challenger: Christine Smith

Rappahannock resident Marianne Clyde, a respected counselor and therapist, will be the moderator. After the opening statements by the candidates, the moderator will read a question/statement concerning an issue that is important to Rappahannock County. She will then call on each candidate, individually, to approach the lectern and give their response to the question/statement.

Since this is not a debate, but rather an exploration of some of the issues that face Rappahannock County, there will be no rebuttal or cross-rebuttal.

The audience at the theatre will be provided with index cards so that they may submit a question for the candidates. There will be a collection point in the lobby for the cards. Selected questions will be used, but only if time permits. One of the forum hosts will select the most relevant questions.

Each candidate will have three minutes for a closing statement.

Disrespectful or inflammatory statements by will not be permitted. The hosts are committed to an informative, civil dialogue.

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