Food and Drink

Inn keeps coveted Michelin stars

The 2018 Michelin star rankings for Washington, D.C., were announced on Tuesday, with Patrick O’Connell’s Inn at Little Washington — the lone awardee outside the nation’s capital — retaining its coveted two stars, which were awarded for the first time last year. […]


No bids for Culpeper’s State Theatre

The State Theatre remains in limbo. At a foreclosure auction for the renovated historic theatre Friday, no bids were submitted. According to Paul S. (Chip) Bliley Jr., attorney for law firm Williams Mullen, the theatre […]

Letters to the Editor

Grudge suit, pure and simple

Are you kidding me with this lawsuit that citizens, i.e., us the taxpayers will have to pay for? Schools need funding. Washington needs to pay for that sewer treatment plant that helps the Inn [at Little Washington] provide enormous tax revenue to this county. Our community services need funding. This is a frivolous suit. […]

Letters to the Editor

Support Virginia’s Democrats

Well, the cat is out of the bag now and it ain’t pretty: Donald Trump is attempting to gut the Affordable Care Act by cutting off the subsidies to insurance companies that provide health care to millions of Virginians. […]

Letters to the Editor

Vote for Webert

Mike has been an excellent representative for the people of Rappahannock County over the past six years. As a farmer, Mike is the only candidate in this race that knows the challenges that we face in this agricultural area of the state. […]

Letters to the Editor

Why this traditional Republican is going Independent

Growing up in a Republican home I naturally vote this way. Now married, with teenagers and a social media/marketing business, Republican still, I find myself in the middle often and now looking at what might be a happy medium — Will King, candidate for the Virginia HD-18, an Independent voice. […]

Letters to the Editor

Perplexed in Sperryville

I am perplexed at VDOT’s reasoning or purpose in ravaging with its mowing the area they “own” between 211 and Indigo Lane right of way (and, I wager other similar tracts along that corridor). […]

Letters to the Editor

‘No-cost’ benefit to county?

We didn’t see a “bike path deficit” as one of Foothills Forum’s findings regarding needs for Rappahannock County. The county is divided enough today. Does the county want to invest in something that over the next five or more years is unlikely to become less divisive? […]


Take the broadband survey

Time is running out to complete Rappahannock’s broadband survey, which ends on Oct. 31, to determine exactly where the gaps are in our broadband access and to identify specific community needs for improved broadband service. […]


Bach to blues to . . . Bill Harris 

The fifth video in the Artists of Rappahannock series is different from the rest — for one, it’s a profile of a musician rather than visual artist: renowned jazz pianist Bill Harris, who shares a historic home in Flint Hill with his wife, Stella Liong, Rappahannock’s only resident dentist. […]

The Rapp

The Rapp for Oct. 19

The ever-popular “No Ordinary Person” show returns to the RAAC Community Theatre for the 19th year; Little Washington all set for All Hallow’s Eve; and Stone Hill amphitheater goes mental for Samhain in this week’s Rapp. […]

Meetings and Notices

Meetings and notices for Oct. 19

Foothills Forum Board meets on Thursday, Oct. 26, from 10 a.m to 11 a.m. at the 4-H Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Tula’s Building in Washington. We’ll be joined by RCPS Superintendent, Shannon Grimsley. The meeting is open to the public, for more 540-675-1207. […]