BOS needs ‘good ol’ girl’

Although I don’t live in the Piedmont District, if I did, I’d cast my vote for Christine Smith of Sperryville for Supervisor on November 7th. She is one of the most qualified and experienced candidates to run for the BOS in recent history, and we would be fortunate to have her involved in making decisions about the future of our unique community.

She is level-headed, independent, smart as a whip, and tough as nails. The fact that her signs appear around the county are a testament to the fact that if one knows her, one respects her. And it is also a reminder that the decisions made by each supervisor affect every county resident.

The “good ol’ boys” down at the Courthouse need a “good ol’ girl” to bring energy and vision to the discussion about where we want to go as a community in the next few years. Christine Smith would be perfect for the task.

Ben Jones
Harris Hollow

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