In concert, without conflict

Mike Biniek brings a willingness to listen and to consider divergent points of view to the Board of Supervisors. Behind this openness is strong integrity and sense of purpose. His quiet, thoughtful, conciliatory approach looks to find the middle ground.

Years of business experience gained in successfully operation/management of a 200-acre farm along with the family’s B&B and highly regarded Belle Meade School is a major asset.

Too, in his eight years on the BOS, Mike advocated adequate funding for the public schools while keeping taxes low. He worked diligently to resolve the contentious Fire and Rescue issues and forge an agreement. His due-diligence approach to residents’ opinions lead to keeping the building official in house (in the county). He has supported all tourism initiatives, and constantly seeks avenues for cutting costs while encouraging income.

We need Mike as Piedmont District County representative because we know from experience that he is knowledgeable, capable and we can count on him to work in concert with others without conflict, to get the job done.

Kathy Christie

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