No newcomer to public service

I have known David Konick for almost 18 years and I think he would be a great asset to the Rappahannock Board of Supervisors. He has the experience and the energy to do the job. Konick has been in Rappahannock over 42 years, and is no newcomer to public service.

He has served the county as zoning administrator and building official and helped the planning commission write the Zoning Ordinance of 1986, most of which is still in force. He was treasurer of Washington Volunteer Fire Department, and served two terms on the board of directors of Wakefield Country Day School. He is a past president of the Rappahannock Lions Club and past master of Washington Lodge of the Masons. In all these jobs, David Konick has proven that he knows how to use limited resources to get the job done.

Konick has management and budgeting skills the county BOS needs. He has intimate knowledge of the county’s comprehensive plan, zoning and land use laws — no other board member has anything comparable. Konick also knows Robert’s Rules of Order and has a working knowledge of state laws that the BOS needs to know. We need someone with that kind of knowledge and experience to face the development pressures and challenges that threaten the county from without and from within our borders. Konick respects how we have maintained our beautiful heritage, and understands as how easily it could be ruined and lost forever.

David Konick will put his energy to work for Rappahannock County and not rest on supposed laurels. The board desperately needs someone with these management skills and this kind of experience. Write-in for David Konick on November 7th. Let’s keep our traditional Rappahannock County values intact.

Ben Mason

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