Spewing ‘lies’

Once again, lies are being sowed across the county. Like weeds these deceptions are growing into a mess that hopefully truth can clean up. Candidate David Konick’s latest misinformation campaign spews forth those lies. Let’s start with a few facts:

At no time has the Board of Supervisors approved or committed the county to pay 20 percent of a 6-mile, $5.9 million trail project as misrepresented in Mr. Konick’s latest flyer. On October 2, the Board of Supervisors approved a resolution that allowed the county to apply for a grant for a $1 million project — a 1.2 mile multi-use trail connecting our two schools that will be used by children, parents, seniors, and visitors alike. The grant will pay for 80 percent of the cost, and a local community group, RappTrails, will cover the remaining 20 percent. The grant application is just one step in securing these funds, which will not be awarded until next year. No county taxpayer funds will be used for this project.

Numerous other items in this so-called campaign letter are deceits, or at best twisted misrepresentations, of the facts. Mr. Konick’s missive ends with the proclamation that the upcoming election is a “referendum on the future of Rappahannock County.” That may well be true — let’s hope that this county will not elect a so-called candidate who creates chaos wherever he goes, cannot tell the truth, misrepresents the facts, and whose derogatory, incomprehensible rants are well known throughout the community. If we do, then we deserve the hateful turmoil that will follow.

John Jacquemin, Castleton

Al Regnery, Washington

Steph Ridder, Flint Hill

Jane Whitfield, Amissville

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