The Fever

From time to time a fever sweeps across countries. A fever of sanctimony, high-minded judgement and moral superiority. People who catch this fever think they’re better than other people, especially the generations who came before them.

In Afghanistan these people are called the Taliban. They blow up ancient Buddhist statues because these statues offend them. In Revolutionary France these people were called the Jacobins. They destroyed the stained glass windows of medieval churches and smashed centuries old statues because these objects offended them.

In the 1960’s, the Red Guard sought to remake China into their own image, rejecting the 3,000 year history of China and the culture of every generation that had preceded their own. They smashed, burned and rampaged their way across China, destroying the artistry and architecture of countless generations. The artifacts and monuments of the past offended them.

Now this fever has spread to our shores. The holier-than-thou are in our streets, defacing, smashing or pulling down statues of Thomas Jefferson, Francis Scott Key, Robert E. Lee and Christopher Columbus.

As with all their predecessors from across continents and across time, these statues offend them.

Virginians are not required to sit idly by to simply watch with dismay as this rampage of nihilism continues. We can rise up to put a stop to it. Virginians are better than the Taliban.

On Nov 7th Virginians have a clear choice. With the Democratic candidate for governor the fever rages on. Ed Gillespie on the other hand, has pledged to honor our history, our monuments, our heritage. All of it.

Virginians have a long and proud history. Our family, like any family, isn’t perfect. But it’s ours. Black and white, male and female, Native-American or recent immigrant.

We don’t condemn our ancestors, we accept them as they were, in the fullness of their humanity. They are no better, nor any worse than us.

To paraphrase the scripture, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

A decision to not vote on Nov 7th is a vote for the fever to rage on. The far better option is to vote for Gillespie, Vogel and Adams. This election really matters.

Ron Maxwell
Flint Hill

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