Warrenton Dermatology marking 20 years of dermatologic service

Warrenton Dermatology will be marking 20 years of helping the community with dermatology and cosmetic care next year.

Founded in 1998 by Lisa Sherman, the business has been operated by Dr. Juan Carlos Caballero for the last 10 years, providing high-quality dermatology care to Fauquier County.

Caballero, a board certified dermatologist, has expanded his staff from eight to 15 in the past several years, adding another physician’s assistant and another esthetician.

In addition to Caballero, Physician’s Assistants Audrey Bunch and Heather Callahan and Tammy Golden licensed master esthetician and Nada Romero, licensed Esthetician, help meet the needs of the community.

Caballero said his staff is highly trained and have a similar style.

“They’ve worked with me, trained with me, so they pretty much have the same practice style that I have,” Caballero said.

Caballero referred to the “epidemic” of skin cancer and how that has driven residents into his facility.

“We’ve definitely expanded our services,” Caballero said. “We’ve essentially just been trying to keep up with the demand. There is an epidemic of skin cancer in this country. We are just basically trying to accommodate the needs of our patients in our community. We do serve a very large medicare population.

“The focus of the practice has always been serving this particular segment of the population and as skin cancer continues to be a significant problem in our communities, our efforts have been geared toward making sure we provide care on a timely fashion for our patients. Our efforts have been geared to reducing wait times, making sure procedures are done in a timely matter. We’ve added more providers to be able to help me meet the needs of our patients.”

Raising awareness of melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers is paramount to keeping the community safe and healthy, he said.

“Most of what we do is skin cancer prevention, detection and management,” Caballero said. “So part of the main things we do as part of our routine skin cancer screenings is education. As we increase awareness of this epidemic, we feel people are coming to see their dermatologist earlier. That gives us the opportunity to educate our patients much earlier and hopefully prevent a lot of the behaviors that lead to problems down the road.”

About 80 percent of the doctor’s patients have come to the center for medical dermatology whether a pre-cancer screening, case of acne, eczema, psoriasis or skin allergies. With lifespans increasing, advances in cosmetic technology have now given qualified and experienced dermatologists a number of non-invasive products to combat sagging skin, double chins and wrinkles.

“As the interest in cosmetic procedures and developments in the cosmetic world, we also try to keep up with that,” Caballero said. “The demand has been there, our patients are living longer, people remain in the workforce longer and people want to look the way they feel.”

The office has met the demand of the expanding skin therapy center with a second esthetician and have helped steer patients in the right direction for their skin care needs.

“So that way they are able to age better and more gracefully,” Caballero said.

In 20 years, Caballero has said there have been multiple advancements, including the treatment of advanced melanoma.

“We are almost getting to the point where if these cancers are detected early, the cure rates are significantly higher,” he said.

Some of the breakthrough treatments include MOHS surgery, a technique that allows removal of non-melanoma skin cancers in a cosmetic pleasing way. Warrenton Dermatology does not perform MOHS, but he said the practice will refer patients to a surgeon who will.

Warrenton Dermatology will be hosting an open house Nov. 9 to help spread awareness of their cosmetic offerings.

“The open houses are geared toward the cosmetic base of the practice,” Caballero said. “We do have a pretty large existing medical dermatology base, but a lot of these patients also are interested in safe cosmetic procedures that are offered through the practice. It’s a real informal and fun way for patients to learn about the latest cosmetic procedures available.”

Warrenton Dermatology and Skin Care Therapy Center is located at 28 Blackwell Park Lane, #302. Phone 540-341-1900.

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