A note from Chris Parrish

To the voters of Stonewall-Hawthorne District:

Thank you for your support on Election Day. The fact that I didn’t receive what amounted to more than 30 percent of the votes cast does, however, send me a strong message that there is concern.

A large part of that I believe emanated from Mr. Konick’s assertion that I would spend $5.9 million dollars of county money on a bike path, when in fact I would not be willing to spend any local taxpayers’ money. I understand the fear that created.

I will strive to discern other concerns that are legitimate and address them in the future. Meanwhile, I congratulate Mr. Konick on a well-run, efficient campaign

Chris Parrish
Supervisor, Stonewall-Hawthorne

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  1. Konick received 38.98 percent of the vote, as a last minute write-in candidate. For the incumbent to so casually minimize the magnitude of Konick’s accomplishment in this very short campaign is at best duplicitous and self-serving damage control. To say that a large number of people in this county are angry about how our local government has been conducting business would be a gross understatement. If you don’t believe me, just ask Mike Biniek.

  2. Chris,

    With all due respect, there is straight talk and there is “spin”. Your opponent got
    almost 40% of the vote, far more than 30%.

    And this is what you voted for:

    “Be It Further Resolved, that Rappahannock County hereby commits to provide a minimum 20 percent matching contribution for this project and any additional funds necessary to complete the project,

    Be It Further Resolved, that Rappahannock County hereby agrees to enter into a project administration agreement with the Virginia Department of Transportation and provide the necessary oversight to ensure the project is developed in accordance with all state and federal requirements for design, right of way acquisition, and construction of a federally funded transportation project,

    Be It Further Resolved, that Rappahannock County will be responsible for maintenance and operating costs of any improvement/facility constructed with Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside funds unless other arrangements have been made with the Department,

    Be It Further Resolved, that if Rappahannock County subsequently elects to cancel this project Rappahannock County hereby agrees to reimburse the Virginia Department of Transportation for the total amount of costs expended by the Department through the date the Department is notified of such cancellation. Rappahannock County also agrees to repay any funds previously reimbursed that are later deemed ineligible by the Federal Highway Administration.”


    This is written in the English language, and it holds the County liable for this misbegotten
    concept. It should be rescinded ASAP. Please “strive to discern” this concern.

    Best Wishes,
    Ben Jones

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