‘It’s in the contract’

I am writing in response to Chris Parrish’s note in last week’s paper. My question is how does the Rappahannock News give him a free pass on the less than half truth of his note. Chris and everyone keeps talking about the $5.9 million cost of the the proposed trail from Sperryville to Washington. Yeah yeah, that is what is in store for our future if they get their way.

What we did get was a motion by Chris Parrish that passed 4-1. Thank you Ron Frazier for holding true to your constituents.

Whenever I have questions for my real estate broker about a deal he always says, ‘What is written in the contract?’ Well what the motion says is, Rappahannock County is on the hook for a minimum of 20 percent matching contribution for this project and any other funds needed to complete the project. That doesn’t even take into account the maintenance and operating costs to perpetuity, liability insurance, etc.

With no fixed costs yet for this project, I’d say you committed a lot of taxpayer dollars on this folly. Shame on you Chris and all the supervisors that voted for this lark. We have county buildings and schools in dire need of repair that are being ignored while we waste tax payers dollars on this. Update the comprehensive plan, update the zoning ordinances, update the zoning application forms. Quit wasting our hard earned tax dollars and own up to what you did. It’s in the contract.

Hodge Miller

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