‘You won in my book’

Yesterday [Tuesday, Nov. 7], Election Day, was without a doubt the worst weather day we have had this season. Spending 12 to 13 hours in the rain, chill, mud and at times wind, only to lose, is hard to take. However, I wouldn’t change a thing (except for the losing part!). I learned so much.

It was my honor to stand beside David Konick throughout the day. He conducted himself as he did throughout his brief, write-in campaign: with professionalism, humor, insight, unselfishness, hard work and a thorough knowledge of Rappahannock County’s serious challenges. It is so obvious how much he loves this county, and how much he wants nothing but the best for all of its residents. If you are opposed to David, you simply don’t know him.

Thanks David. Garnering 40 percent of the vote as a write-in candidate against a two term, eight year incumbent, is no small task. You won in my book. Please continue the fight for all of us. We need you.

Michael A. Cioffi

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