Another parrot loose

It was gratifying to read about the safe rescue of the parrot, now safely in a new home. However, there seems to be another bird loose these days: a Chicken Little, loudly proclaiming in many places that the sky is falling here in Rappahannock [“In quicksand and sinking fast,” by Page Glennie, Nov. 30].

O-o-ops, not sky. It’s quicksand that has come here and the county is in imminent danger of sinking into some abyss because of it. Rappahannock’s ‘square peg’ is just not fitting into the experienced ‘round hole’ that has come from a city.

Our county is more than a numbers game. When John McCarthy announced his retirement from the county administrator position that he had held for decades as the county changed and grew, he recommended that his position needed to be two because of myriad current responsibilities.

Unfortunately, the Board of Supervisors did not heed his suggestion at first. Later, one stated that they had made a mistake there and sought to rectify the situation. As evidence that the Board of Supervisors does listen to county residents, they instituted the community meetings, held in the evenings so more could attend.

There have been two: at the Washington and Castleton Fire Halls. At those, citizens were able to ask questions, voice concerns, get some answers, express their ideas and opinions. Now that the elections are over, and once holiday celebrations are over, I expect the supervisors to schedule more of these to demonstrate their willingness to move forward with county business and accomplish what needs to be done. With a new county administrator working with our interim administrator, plus a new supervisor on the board next month, it will take a while for plans to jell.

Perhaps it is time to take a deep breath or two, relax a bit, and enjoy the wonders of the season upon us. The New Year, and business forward, will be here almost too soon. The sky will stay in place, incredulous dark sky that it is here in our beloved Rappahannock .

Sheila Gresinger

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