Descending down the troll hole to set the record straight

By John Lesinski

This published effort is my fifth draft attempt to address Page Glennie’s accusations of Board of Supervisor mismanagement and lack of business skills in his November 30th letter to the Rappahannock News (“In Quicksand and Sinking Fast”).

My first four attempts all eventually descended down the troll hole of calling out Mr. Glennie for his repeated habit of misrepresenting the facts and always making sure that everyone knows he’s the smartest guy in the room. But I’m glad I didn’t go there in this letter.

I certainly didn’t want to point out that the county administrator of King and Queen County, his crash dummy of our fiscal car wreck, makes over $240,000 per year, not the $91,160 that Mr. Glennie so confidently cites.

You see, the county administrator of King and Queen County makes $240,000 per year because he also fills the role of county attorney and zoning administrator. We once had that model here in Rappahannock in two very dedicated public servants; one who was Building Official, E-911 Coordinator, and Emergency Services Manager, and another who was county administrator and the head of planning and zoning. (If you are keeping score at home, that’s two people doing five jobs).

That was a great fiscal deal for Rappahannock taxpayers and both individuals would have been pleased to continue their service. But Mr. Glennie was one of the vocal few and the vocal loud who shouted them out of town. Now, he reverts to praising that same multiple-job model as he blasts the board for spending too much money on additional staff to replace them. Glad I was able to avoid accusing him of talking out of both sides of his mouth.

In my first four attempts, I found that I had nothing positive to say about Mr. Glennie. Let me fix that here: thank you Page, for welcoming Mr. Curry, our new county administrator, with such Rappahannock warmth and in the holiday spirit of waste, fraud and abuse. Thank you for seeding the landscape with mistrust while ending all your condescending diatribes with ‘I worked for the federal government and I’m here to help.’ I’m sure you will be Mr. Curry’s first call, despite the fact that you think the elected representatives of the people who unanimously hired him (5-0 by my count) are all idiots.

Might I suggest a ‘welcome aboard’ gift of a one year complimentary membership to your Rappahannock Citizens for Community Empowerment (Mr. W. Page Glennie, Executive Director). For those of you that don’t know RCCE, it’s an organization that promotes respect for the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia but has conveniently refused membership to a county supervisor; all while proudly declaring that ‘corporate memberships and contributions are kept confidential.’ So much for the transparency you demand from your elected officials.

Well, darn, I’ve ended up down the troll hole again. I guess there is no way to really get through this letter without sounding just a little bit naughty for the holidays. But I’m glad I at least took the high road and didn’t resort to conflict behavior. That type of thing could land a man in court with people who can dish it out but can’t take it . . . what’s that you say? Wait a minute, hold the presses!

The writer is a Rappahannock County supervisor representing the Hampton District

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  1. Not a fan of Lesinski (carpetbagging politician) or Glennie (know-it-all busybody) – so I’m sitting here with my popcorn, watching the fireworks. Carry on, fellas.

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