Swindler a perfect choice

If ever there was a perfect choice for Citizen of the Year, it is Jimmy Swindler. ‘Young’ Jimmy was one of the first people we met when Alma and I came here twenty or so years ago. I’ve watched Jimmy and his family blossom over the years.

He is a great example of the kid who grew up here and stayed here and put his talents into the most important part of Rappahannock, our young people. In Jimmy’s case, those talents are many and varied. He is priming the pump for the next generation of Rappahannock leaders. Well done, Jimmy. Keep up the outstanding work!

Ben Jones
Harris Hollow

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  1. If one has read the article, you know that Mr. Swindler’s family goes way way back in the county. As does mine.
    Let me say something about farming. Its great if you own a farm and can earn a living from it. Not so great if you don’t and are a tenant farmer or day laborer as so many of our people were in past years, I grew up here in the 1950 and early 1960s with that sort of family background, mine were not part of the landed gentry.
    Things were changing when I grew up but I had older relatives and other county residents who grew up in what might be described as almost a semi-feudal, serfdom-like society with few choices for advancement, little or no education. Tied to the land of the Lord of the Manor because there seemed to be no alternative. I am very thankful I was not born 20,30, or 50 years earlier when it would have been very unlikely someone from a poor family like mine would have been able to go on to higher education. And wanted nothing more than to get out of what I regarded as a stifling, repressive backwater.
    I no longer feel that way. I eventualy came to terms with my past and came to love the place where I grew up. But I will not romanticize the past.

  2. Since I did nott keep up with Rappahannock News “Citizen of the Year” winners over the years, I could be wrong …..but, I’m guessing none have been among those kids who grew up here & continued their family legacies farming. To me, they are the true heros of Rappahannock….the core of the County ,not some public school employee.

    If it weren’t for the true, “ Old Rappahannock” , hard-working farmers who work hard day in & day out…. there would be no Rapiahannock as we know it now. Most of the non-native people who have moved to Rappahannocjk have no appreciation of this….especially those who pontificate regularily in the Rappahannock News .

    God Bless our farmers & farm workers.

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