On the agenda: B&B’s, Airbnb’s and tourist homes

One of the items for public comment and a possible decision on the January 3 agenda for the Board of Supervisors’ meeting is required minimum lot size for B&B’s and tourist homes.

B&B’s are distinct in that the homeowner is spending the night in the house with the guests and serving breakfast. This lends itself to automatic oversight on the behavior of the guests. I’m not sure that it’s fair to punish those with small lots, especially if they rely on guests to make ends meet.

Tourists homes, which include Airbnb’s, are another story in that guests are on their own. I’m not sure how much difference that makes pertaining to disturbing the neighbors. So far there have been very few complaints.

Our total food and lodging tax revenue is slightly over $200,000, the vast majority of which is food. It may be debatable if the cost of oversight exceeds the income.

Chris Parrish

The writer is a Rappahannock County supervisor representing the Stonewall-Hawthorne district

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