Fodderstack case not for sheriff

How many armed mentally ill people will it take before this crisis in Rappahannock County is addressed?

Mental health, whether cognitive or psychiatric, is a medical issue, like diabetes. It should be addressed before it becomes a law enforcement issue.

Do the [Rappahannock County Sheriff’s] deputies hold medical licenses? This crisis should not fall on the sheriff’s office to solve. The sheriff’s office is not a roving mental health facility.

Guns and poor mental health are not a good mix at any time of year.


Deborah L. Napier, Esq.

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  1. Was it mental health or a drug or alcohol problem not everyone who acts strange are mental they are usually under the influence of drugs or alcohol if that’s so then it is a sheriffs dept issue. Seems Rappahannock needs to ride along with warren co then they will see what drugs do to folks. We need rehabs that are free to ALL not jails who only makes their issues worse by having criminal records which keeps them from good jobs

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