The Magic Christmas Tree

By Sheila Gresinger

How does one tree become two, and then three?

This is the magic of one very special tree still growing here at Black Rock Farm — the answer to a silent prayer as I was going through a difficult time. And herein lies the story of ‘The Magic Christmas Tree.’

My favorite time of year is Christmas, with the Christmas tree always a soul-enriching ritual. In childhood, our tree always went up Christmas Eve, and I continued this tradition while my own children were young.

There was a time when money was tighter than usual and I hadn’t figured out how to have enough to spare for the Christmas tree that year. Living on a farm, I’d noticed some cedar trees while out for walks and had determined that one in particular would be the right size — enormous, but we lived in an old place with high ceilings and I could indulge in enormous.

I asked my son to accompany me to the tree I’d found, and he started sawing up in the part of the three about six feet off the ground.

‘Uh, there’s a problem, Mom. This has two trunks up in here,’ he said.

‘Keep going,’ I said. ‘Just saw off one. I can put the flat side against the window and no one will be the wiser.’

Well, that’s what we did. The tree that year was gorgeous decked in all its finery, reaching to the ceiling, the perfect holiday treat. And, guess what? Since the tree was such a big hit, we cut the other half the following year and enjoyed a similar spectacular beauty.

A couple years went by, my fortunes (well, my financial status, comfortable, not substantial by any stretch) improved, and I returned to the Christmas tree lots of old, still purchasing the enormous ones at bargain (Christmas eve) rates . . .

To conclude the story, we need to revisit the place where the original special tree grew, remembering that we had sawed off the second half and left a six foot high ‘stump’ back near some other trees.

What a surprise for us to see that stump had become a full evergreen tree again, like nothing had ever touched it! It had become the third tree from the original one that had given us two spectacular Christmas trees to enjoy when my spirit, especially, had needed to be replenished, and had been, with the answer of The Magic Christmas Tree.

Needless to say, that tree is protected now and whenever I pass by, it serves as a reminder to me that miracles still do happen.

The writer’s farm is near the town of Washington

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