A toast to the queen

Ruby Dwyer of Old Hollow celebrated her 90th birthday last Friday, January 19th. On Saturday, her three children — Kathy, Sam and Gary Dwyer — threw their mom a wonderful birthday party attended by dozens of her friends at Trinity Episcopal Church. […]


Park from every angle

Kevin H. Adams, Shenandoah National Park’s 2017 artist in residence, appears alongside Susan Sherman, executive director of the Shenandoah National Park Trust, at Saturday evening’s unveiling of Adams’ impressive 40 works from his residency. […]

Sperryville Column

Sperryville column for Jan. 25

Sperryville’s renaissance continues unabated. New businesses are opening and some old businesses reinventing themselves, such as Burgers N’ Things roadside restaurant being run and managed now by Chuck Shewbridge of Rixeyville. […]


Walk it like you talk it

Given the actions of these three individuals and perhaps other unknown members of RCCE, one could argue the organization has an outsized influence on the governance of Rappahannock County. As such, we believe the community should have the right to know who belongs to this organization and learn more about its dealings with the county government. […]


The show must go on

After the play’s sold-out Virginia premiere, “The American Conservative” magazine wrote that “Henry’s play . . . burns with a hard, gemlike flame, throwing off beams of light as well as heat, cool as well as astringent, witty as well as wise — a buoyant bonfire of all human vanities.” […]

Letters to the Editor

Aiding, abetting, enabling

Trump and his Cabinet have made egregious and embarrassing statements, which Republicans in Congress have supported by their silence. Are they responsible because they knew and did nothing? We’ll see what the voters say in November. […]

Letters to the Editor

Fleeing do-gooders

Nowadays when I hear some of our perhaps overenthusiastic do-gooders, I am reminded of Thoreau saying that if he heard that someone was coming to his home for the purpose of doing him good, he would flee for his life! […]

Washington Column

Washington column for Jan. 25

Remembering the late Loring Anderson, Jr; Middle Street Gallery new show and members; Book Barn kicks off new year; and save the date for Washington VFD’s All You Can Eat Ham and Oyster Dinner on Saturday, March 10. […]